When do you get an 6 in school?

When do you get an 6 in school?

“From 88% a ‘good’, from 75% a ‘three’ and for a ‘four’ you need 50%.”… clef. 100% – 87% grade 172% – 59% grade 358% – 45% grade 444 % – 18% score 517% – 0% score 61 more row•

Can you stay seated with a 5?

In the Realschule you only stay seated if you have at least a five and cannot compensate for it. Compensation is also possible with two fives. From three fives, however, one is no longer transferred to the next class.

How long does the certificate conference last?

Sometimes one or the other teacher contributes something or is asked specific questions. Student and parent representatives usually say nothing at all. The whole magic lasts about 20 minutes, then everyone separates again.

Can you stay seated in the 5?

Grades 5 and 6 – the trial stage The student has no legal right to ‘staying seated’ or repeating the grade. You should therefore always try to get promoted to class 7.

Can you repeat the 5th grade?

In the Bavarian middle school, pupils in grades 5 through 8 of the regular class have to repeat a grade if the overall average grade from all advanced subjects is worse than 4.00 or the grade 5 was achieved in four or more subjects; the grade 6 counts as twice …

Can you repeat fifth grade?

You never have to repeat the 5th grade. You can only do a lap of honor (stay seated) from the 6th grade.

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