When do you indent quotes?

When do you indent quotes?

Literal quotations that are longer than two lines can be clearly distinguished from the rest of the text, even if they are integrated quotations, by e.g. B. narrow-spaced, in a smaller font and with 1 cm indentation from the right and left margin.

What is indenting?

Word meaning/definition: 1) intrans., to be, military: to invade an area. 2) intrans., to be, military: to begin military service. 3) trans., have, typography: start one line further from the edge of the page than the rest of the text.

What is First Line Indent Word?

A first-line indent indents the first line of a paragraph further than the other lines in the paragraph. Use the Tab key to create a first-line indent in Word Online.

What is a small cap in Word?

In Word, you can easily create small caps. We explain exactly how you do this here. Small caps are capital letters, but they are at the same font height as lowercase letters. Although all the letters in your text are capitalized, you can still distinguish between real capital letters.

Where can I find text effects in Word?

Select the text or WordArt. Click Home > Text Effects. Click on the desired effect. To see more choices, point to Outline, Shadow, Reflection, or Glow, and then click the effect you want.

What is tracking in Word?

tracking. The letter spacing is the horizontal character spacing. In most cases, you will leave the specified letter spacing as it is in normal writing. This makes sense too: poorly made changes immediately have a negative effect on the typeface and legibility.

How do you block set?

To set justification in WordStart a blank Word document. Now click on “Justification” under “Paragraph” in the “Start” area, the image with the lines of equal length (see image). Alternatively, you can also justify with [Strg] + [B] to adjust.

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