When do you insert footnotes?

When do you insert footnotes?

In the German citation style, footnotes are generally used to substantiate text passages. These are represented by superscript numbers in the running text, which refer to the literature cited.

When does cf. in the footnote come?

Their referencing differs from direct quotations by a cf. what stands for comparisons. Sometimes see is used to indicate indirect quotations. That is possible, but rather unusual. Anyone who wants to refer to other books or texts in a footnote, for example, can do so with cf.

How to quote apa?

In the case of APA and the Harvard citation method, the source is immediately after the quote in brackets in the text. The source information includes the information author, year and, if applicable, page number. In the German citation style, the sources are given with the help of footnotes.

What are paragraphs?

The paragraph symbol (§) divides a text into individual sections. Usually several sentences relating to a topic, idea or fact are grouped together in a paragraph. The beginning of Section 242 in the German Criminal Code serves as an example.

What does paragraph sign mean?

The paragraph symbol or paragraph symbol is placed in front of a number in legal texts and thus indicates the beginning of a new paragraph, which is denoted by the number, for example § 433 BGB.

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