When do you make a dash?

When do you make a dash?

The dash is often used where there is a distinct pause in spoken language. Often other punctuation marks such as commas or brackets could be used in such cases.

How to make a long dash with the keyboard?

On a standard keyboard, this works quickly and easily with the key combination Ctrl + minus sign, whereby the minus sign means the one on the right of the numeric keypad. Inserting the dash: bottom left key + top right key. Insert dash using the symbol palette.

Which words can you separate?

We have compiled the most important ones for you here. Rule 1: Simple words. Rule 2: Vowels at the end of words. Rule 3: Two of the same consonants. Rule 4: Diphthongs. Rule 5: tz and st. Rule 6: ch, ck and sch. Rule 7: Compound Words. Rule 8: Polysyllabic partial words.

How do you separate a ck?

The word “corner” cannot be separated into syllables.

How to separate hide?

hide · hide The word hide consists of 3 syllables. Why separate the word hide and seek? Words are separated mainly for economic reasons, i.e. to save space, and we have 2 separation points available for “Hide”.

What does hide mean?

1) take yourself or someone else or something to a place unknown to others, where you or it will not be seen. Synonyms: 1) hide.

what is this hide

Word meaning/definition: to hide something so that others cannot see it. 3) trans., transferred: to keep the truth about something secret; don’t let others know. 4) not be publicly visible or known.

Is hiding an adjective?

Here you will find the forms of comparison (levels of increase) for the adjective »hidden« and the inflected forms for the positive….hidden.Forms of comparisonAdjectivePositivehiddenComparativehiddenSuperlativemost hidden

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