When do you spell out numbers and when not?

When do you spell out numbers and when not?

The numbers from one to twelve are no longer a strict rule Today, you can write out the numbers, but you don’t have to. Nevertheless, you don’t do anything wrong if you continue to follow the rule and only write the numbers from one to twelve as digits in exceptional cases.

Can I create a receipt as a private?

Before payment, it is also called an “invoice” by private individuals, after payment it is called a “receipt”. The buyer is not entitled to an invoice within the meaning of § 14 UStG. For this he can request a payment confirmation / receipt. The basis for this is regulated by law in § 368 BGB.

Why should you always ask for a receipt?

The consumer is entitled to a receipt for the purchase price. The receipt, which has its legal basis in § 368 BGB, is important evidence for the buyer, as it can be used to prove that he has rendered the service owed, i.e. the payment for the goods.

Is a receipt valid without a signature?

Regardless of whether a receipt is issued privately or by an entrepreneur, it is not necessary to additionally stamp it with a stamp from the issuing company. The receipt is fully valid even without such a stamp.

What is a receipt?

In most cases, the receipt of a cash payment is documented. In English, a receipt is called “receipt”. Regardless of the type of delivery, the supplier can always ask the recipient to issue a receipt to confirm receipt (§368 BGB).

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