When do you use a hyphen in a sentence?

When do you use a hyphen in a sentence?

The dash is often used where there is a clear pause in the spoken language. In such cases, other punctuation marks such as commas or brackets could often be used.

How do you put hyphens?

But basically you just need to remember: The dash is longer and slightly narrower than the hyphen … Correct form of the dash 2013, Alt + C, Alt + 0150 (please enter the number combination in the numeric keypad) or Ctrl + minus sign (again the Use the minus sign in the numeric keypad).

What does a dash mean?

The dash sets accents, it emphasizes, separates and builds tension. A dash has an effect on the reader. Depending on the usage, another punctuation mark such as comma, bracket or colon is replaced. In addition, there is always a space before and after the dash.

How do you write after a dash?

[A] After the dash, whether in a sentence or in a title, writing continues as normal, so to speak, that is, there is no change between lowercase and uppercase, just like after a comma or a semicolon.

How do I make a semicolon?

On a standard keyboard, this works quickly and easily with the key combination Ctrl + minus sign, whereby the minus sign means the one on the numeric keypad on the right. Insert the dash: key on the bottom left + key on the top right. Insert an hyphen using the symbol palette.

How do you write after bullets?

Since bullet points are treated like normal lists as a supplement to a sentence, they end with a comma. After the last key point there is a sentence point. However, the comma is omitted if you connect individual (usually the last two) key points with “or”, “and” or “as well”.

Is it capitalized or lowercase in lists?

Conclusion. 1. Complete sentences keep capitalization and punctuation marks, even if they are part of a list. should be designed like a column without commas and without a period.

How do I write a bullet point?

Formulating bullet points A bullet point can be formulated using different methods: The predicate of a sentence is transformed into an infinitive or past participle: The sentence “Add half the butter and salt to the dough” becomes the bullet point “Add half the butter and salt” .

How do you write in bullet points?

If you use the bullet points as a list … write bullet points in capital letters if bullet points are separate sentences or if there is a noun at the beginning. … write key points in small or capital letters if they start with adjectives, verbs or pronouns. The Duden has no binding rule for this.

What is that bullet point?

Keyword or bullet point stands for: Keyword (documentation), search term, a word that serves to index the content. Lemma (lexicography), basic form, citation form, a word under which a term can be found in a reference work.

Are bullet points capitalized in English?

Usually they are written in lower case after the “bullet points”. Exception: words that are ALWAYS capitalized, such as country names.

What is an indent bulleted list?

The bullet is used to structure a list. It is followed by a space: You should use a fixed space with justified justification, otherwise the list will get out of order: Finally, there is the ellipsis.

What is a list in German?

General. In a list, the comma separates individual words, groups of words or parts of sentences. If the terms are connected by co-ordinating conjunctions, no comma is used.

What is a bulleted list?

1) Mention of a number / quantity of objects piece by piece. Origin of the term: Deriving from the stem of the verb enumerate through conversion.

What do you call a list?

The enumeratio is a stylistic device of rhetoric and can be identified in works of all kinds and literary genres. The enumeratio basically means the listing of different words and can be syndetic, asyndetic and polysyndetic.

What is the list as a stylistic device?

The asyndeton is a stylistic device of rhetoric that we encounter in texts of all kinds and literary genres. The asyndeton is an enumeration (cf. enumeratio) of at least three words or parts of a sentence that are equated and not connected by a conjunction (connecting word).

What is indent?

Indent. Meanings: [1] a bullet. [2] Use of language in connection with legal texts: the content that is written after a bullet.

When is the comma in the list?

In lists, the comma stands between words and groups of words of equal rank, if they are not connected by words such as and, or or as well as.

Why are commas useful in lists?

The point with the comma in lists is that a new main clause does not always have to be created. With the comma in lists it is easy to use many lists in sentences without having to constantly start new sentences. This makes reading easier and does not disturb the flow of reading.

When comma before what?

If subordinate clauses are introduced by question words (who, when, what, how, where, where, why, why), a comma must be placed in front of the question word.

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