When do you write exams at the university?

When do you write exams at the university?

As a rule, the official examination phase of the semester follows the lecture period. During this period, written exams and oral exams are held. If you were able to coordinate your exam dates well and were very lucky with the planning, your exams will be over in a few weeks.

What do you have to do as a student?

20 things you should have done as a student Go to a university party. Be in the library at inhumane hours. Missing an entire lecture series and still taking the exam. Getting lost on campus. 5. Eat something in the canteen that you can’t exactly name. More entries…

What do you have to experience?

The Big Bucket List – 256 things you must have doneApply to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.Travel alone.Try tofu.Get a tattoo.Run a marathon.Watch the classic Casablanca movie.Go to an ice cream parlor for ice cream in the middle of December .Swimming with dolphins.

What happens if you try to cheat at the university?

In the event of an attempt to deceive, a candidate makes use of unauthorized assistance and pretends to have performed an examination independently according to regular conditions.

What happens if you get caught cheating at university?

If you get caught cheating at university, you have to reckon with more dramatic consequences than you did when you were at school. If your “little cheat” is discovered, you will have to repeat the exam and lose time as a result. If you cheat on the first regular try at my uni, you only get one more try.

When is there an attempt at deception?

The “classic” case of an attempt at cheating occurs when a cheat sheet or other non-approved aids (specialist books, notes, collections of formulas) are used during an exam. Copying from the table neighbor falls into the same category.

What is attempted deception?

An attempt at cheating occurs when the result of an examination is to be influenced by cheating or unauthorized aids. This also applies in particular if the content of a written examination is taken from someone else’s work without stating the source.

Can you get expelled from school for copying?

If you are caught cheating multiple times, then there is the possibility of heavier penalties, such as reprimand. If you still cheat, you can get expelled from school. Since you’re looking for new cheating opportunities, even though you’ve been caught, you can speak of resilience.

What is the maximum length of a bachelor’s degree?

At German universities, bachelor’s degree programs usually have a standard duration of 6 semesters, at technical colleges and music colleges (Bachelor of Music) mostly 8 semesters. Bachelor’s degrees with 9 semesters are also permitted.

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