When do you write numbers as digits?

When do you write numbers as digits?

The numbers from one to twelve are no longer a strict rule Today, you can write out the numbers, but you don’t have to. Nevertheless, you don’t do anything wrong if you continue to follow the rule and only write the numbers from one to twelve as digits in exceptional cases.

What is the number eleven called in English?

English NumbersSymbolWord11Eleven12Twelve13Thirteen14Fourteen31

What are the months in English?

the monththe monthsthe monthsJanuaryJanJanuaryFebruaryFebFebruaryMarchMarMarchAprilApril8

What are the 12 months called in English?

These are the English months: January – January.February – February.March – March.April – April.May – May.July – July.August – August.September – September.

What are the 12 months called in German?


How do you pronounce January in English?

January [ es – latam ] Do you know how to pronounce January?

How to pronounce August in English?

nounsAugust [Abk.: Aug.]August pl. [Abk.: Aug.]month of AugustMonth of August

How do you say April in English?

nounsApril [Abk.: Apr.]der April Pl.April Fool – hoax, prankder April Fool’s Dayder April Fool’s Dayder April Fool’s (also: Fools’) Dayder April Fool’s Day10

How Do You Spell September in English?

nounsSeptember [Abk.: Sept.]September pl. [Abk.: Sept.]September bush [BOT.]myrtle milkwort Pl. wiss.: Polygala myrtifoliaSeptember bush [BOT.]Myrtle milkwort wiss.: Polygala myrtifolia

How do you say November in English?

Translation 1 – 48 of 48English » Restrict search to this languageGerman » Restrict search to this languageNovember 3538 November {m} 2 words: OtherNovember-like {adj}novemberlich2 words: Substantive53

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