When do you write numbers in upper case and when in lower case?

When do you write numbers in upper case and when in lower case?

Upper case or lower case? In general, the following rule applies to numerals: Everything less than a million is written in lower case, i.e. one, two, three, fifteen new e-mails, one hundred and fifty euros. The numbers million, billion, trillion etc. must be capitalized.

How do you write numbers in words?

Amounts of money are written in lowercase and together, currencies in uppercase. For €103.20 one writes: one hundred and three twenty euros or (one) hundred and three twenty (cent) euros. If you want to emphasize the one in a hundred, you can write “one hundred”, but it is also sufficient “one hundred and three euros twenty”.

How is the number 16 written?

Numbers in EnglishNumberBasic numberOrdinal number15fifteenfifteenth16sixteensixteenth17seventeenseventeenth18eighteeneighteenth39

What is the name of the number with 12 zeros?

The numerical name trillion stands for the number 1000 billion or 1,000 = 1012 in international usage, i.e. in the decimal system for a one followed by 12 zeros. 1000 trillion equals one quadrillion.

What is the highest known number?

This number corresponds to a 1 followed by 100 zeros, written out: 000. The systematic English name of this number is ten sexdezilliarden (or ten sedezilliarden).

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