When do you write the master’s thesis?

When do you write the master’s thesis?

As a rule of thumb, around six months or a full semester apply to the preparation of the master’s thesis. You should plan around six to eight weeks for just writing your master’s thesis after the practical part.

What should be in the master’s thesis?

The introduction to your master’s thesis should contain the following: Your motivation…. The table of contents of your master’s thesis contains: a list of figures and a list of tables, a list of abbreviations, headings for all chapters (including introduction and conclusion), a list of references, an appendix.

What should be included in a short version of the master’s thesis?

The conclusion from the point of view of the summaries The conclusion of a master’s thesis provides an evaluative summary of what has been previously written. It is at the end of a thesis. The conclusion includes the presentation of your work results and thus provides the quintessence of your research performance.

How does a master’s thesis work?

The rough process As a rule, the defense of your master’s thesis consists of two parts: In the first part, you should explain your working method and the theses of your master’s thesis. In the second part of the defense, you will then be asked questions about your work.

What does a master’s thesis look like?

Scope and procedure For the master’s thesis, a scope of 15 to 30 ECTS points is to be provided. The number of pages of a master’s thesis corresponds to approx. 60 to 130 pages, the table of contents, bibliography and appendices are not yet included in this number of pages.

How does a bachelor’s defense work?

How long is the defense of my bachelor thesis and how does it work? The defense of your bachelor thesis is usually between 30 and 60 minutes long. First you present the main results of your bachelor thesis and then answer questions from the examination committee in a discussion.

Is a master’s thesis difficult?

The size of a master’s thesis (80-120 pages) is of course the biggest difference to the bachelor thesis (30-40 pages). But the higher number of pages is simply the outflow of a much more demanding, deeper scientific approach to an academic topic.

How long does the evaluation of the bachelor thesis take?

After your thesis has been corrected and the grade has been determined, it often takes 2-4 weeks for the grade to be accepted by the examination office. A certain amount of patience is therefore required here. However, such a correction should not take 6-8 months, which students often do again.

How long does a thesis take?

The usual processing time for a bachelor thesis is 2 to 4 months. The scope is usually between 20 and 60 pages.

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