When do you write yours and hers?

When do you write yours and hers?

Both forms are correct. To be able to differentiate between them: On the one hand there are objects that depend on the verb: Whom or what I want to convince = accusative, your customer. Who am I available = dative, your customer.

What does yours mean?

The form of politeness “you” is capitalized. Formally it corresponds to the 2nd person plural of the personal pronoun (ihr). Although the word is grammatically plural, it can be used to address both individual and multiple people.

What are the question words for the 4 cases?

The 4 cases in German: Case: nominative. He answers the question “Who or what?” Case: genitive. He answers the question “Whose?” Case: dative. He answers the question “Whom?” Case: accusative. He answers the question “Who or what”

Which clauses are asked by which question words?

We remember that there are 4 different parts of a sentence in German: subject, predicate, object and adverbial determination… .Object.ObjectsPossible question wordsGenitive objectWessen? Dative objectWho? Accusative objectWen? or what? Prepositional objectPreposition + Whom / Was / Whom1 more row

Why do all interrogative words start with W?

In English the interrogatives begin with “wh” (in “how” the “w” has been omitted), in Irish Gaelic with “c”, in Latin with “qu”. The origin of all these words is an Indo-European root “kw-“.

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