When does a job have to be advertised in public service?

When does a job have to be advertised in public service?

2.1 Tender requirement. According to general labor law, it is not necessary to advertise vacancies and thus to make them accessible to everyone in order to maintain equal opportunities or for other reasons (for the special case of the public service based on Art. 33 GG, see below).

What is not allowed to be in a job advertisement?

“Race” or ethnic origin, religion and belief, disability, age and.

What is an external job posting?

External recruitment. External recruitment includes all measures to convince potential employees on the labor market of their own company as an employer. External recruiting can be divided into active and passive recruiting.

What does internal and external recruitment mean?

There are two options: internal and external recruitment. As part of the internal replacement of a vacancy, you can fall back on employees from your own company. If you decide to recruit your staff externally, you are looking for applicants on the job market.

What is in-house training?

Internal training: what exactly is that? In-house training will be carried out by an expert who does not work for you. They are usually an industry professional who shares the latest trends with your company to help teams stay ahead of the competition.

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