When does a quote have to be indented?

When does a quote have to be indented?

The writing trainer for academic and professional writing. Longer quotations should be indented. Verbatim quotations that are longer than two lines can be clearly set off from the rest of the text, even if they are integrated quotations.

When to use direct quotations

When do I use a direct quote? Direct quotations show in your academic work that you have dealt with the literature. Adopt formulations that cannot be described otherwise.

When to use the subjunctive when quoting?

Instead, many simply resort to the indicative (cf. Moll / Thielmann 2016: 148). In writing, on the other hand, the subjunctive is used for two reasons: on the one hand to express a wish, on the other hand in indirect speech or in indirect quoting.

Which pictures can I use?

In principle, works protected by copyright (this includes high-quality images as well as the simplest graphics, certain lettering, online articles, etc.) may only be used if one has the appropriate rights of use.

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