When does my boss have to release me?

When does my boss have to release me?

The right to special leave is stipulated by law. Paragraph 616 of the BGB stipulates that the boss must release his employees if a personal event temporarily prevents them from working through no fault of their own. Therefore, always check your employment contract carefully before speaking with the boss.

When does 616 BGB apply?

In the event of a personal incapacity to work, an employee is entitled to paid time off if, through no fault of his own, he is prevented from performing work for a relatively insignificant amount of time due to a personal reason (Section 616 of the German Civil Code / BGB).

Can special leave be refused?

Deviations from § 616 BGB The legal entitlement to paid special leave according to § 616 BGB is optional, so it can be specified, modified or even excluded through an employment contract, works agreement or collective bargaining agreement. In particular, there are many amendments to collective agreements.

Who gets free in the event of death?

Section 29 TVöD determines how much vacation employees are entitled to in the event of bereavement. There is special leave if someone dies in a close family circle. In the event of the death of a spouse or a life partner of a child or parent, employees receive two days of special leave.

Is special leave in the event of death legal?

As a rule, employees are entitled to special leave in the event of death if there is a bereavement in their immediate family. Often only relatives of the first degree of kinship to the deceased are granted special leave.

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