When does one become an officer?

When does one become an officer?

In order to be able to start officer training, you must be at least 17 years old (with parental consent) and no more than 29 years old. Applicants with a high school diploma, vocational diploma or a high school diploma with completed vocational training are accepted. Those are the basic requirements.

What is an officer’s job?

Despite their specialization in the various areas of responsibility of the armed forces, officers are primarily responsible for the leadership, training and education of their soldiers. This requires knowledge of human nature, assertiveness and technical ability.

How long does it take to become a lieutenant?

Temporary soldiers and reservists can be appointed to the rank of lieutenant. A prerequisite is membership in the career group of officers. The rank can usually be reached after 36 months of service at the earliest.

When do you become a major in the Bundeswehr?

A major is paid A 13 according to the federal salary regulations (BBesO). The age of 59 was set as a special age limit for soldiers with the rank of major.

How much does a 4 star general earn?

In accordance with the federal salary regulations (BBesO), the general inspector receives an official allowance in addition to the basic salary of salary group B10 (general or admiral, four stars). Since April 1, 2019, the monthly basic salary in B10 has been € gross.

How much does a military officer earn?

Sergeant, senior sergeant, staff sergeant, officer deputy and vice lieutenant belong to the same job group as the non-commissioned officer and can count on the same salary. Officers in the military are currently in high demand, their starting salary is between 2,270 and 2,510 euros.

What does a lieutenant earn net?

Sergeant (A 7 – level 2): ​​2,439.86 euros. Lieutenant (A 9 – level 2): ​​2,789.33 euros. Captain (A 11 – level 3): 3,675.26 euros. Lieutenant Colonel (A 14 – Level 4): 5,072.62 euros.

What does an officer earn net?

The salary as an officer in the BundeswehrProfessionOfficerMonthly gross salary€3,782.41Annual gross salaryHow much net?

How much do you earn net in the Bundeswehr?

2100 euros net for the soldier.

What does a corporal earn net?

Basic service: soldier, two years of service = 2,241.94 euros per month. Basic service, soldier, eleven years of service = 2,368.58 euros per month. Basic service, corporal, five years in service = 2,480.11 euros per month. Middle service, staff sergeant, two years in service = 2,481.41 euros per month.

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