When does SAT TV become chargeable?

When does SAT TV become chargeable?

This is new: satellite broadcasting will remain uncoded and free of charge until 2023. The extension of the contract between SES Astra and the RTL Group is new: viewers can receive the private TV channels of the RTL Group free of charge via satellite (Astra 19.2 East) until at least 2023.

Which coaxial cable to use for the satellite dish?

F connector. Coaxial cables with F-connectors are primarily used for receiving satellite television, but can also be used for cable television.

Which side of the antenna cable goes into the TV?

Connecting cable television: This is how you do it in front of the receiver), an antenna socket and an antenna cable, also known as a coaxial cable. Then you can get started: Plug the male end of the antenna cable into the female socket on your receiver or (if the receiver is integrated in the TV set) on the television.

Where do I have to point the satellite dish?

In Germany, satellite dishes are oriented towards the south. There should be no house, tree or even a bush in the immediate vicinity of the bowl. The direct path towards the sky should be completely clear for a perfect signal. Neighboring houses are also an obstacle.

Where is the Astra 19 2?

Within Germany, the elevation angle for ASTRA at the position 19.2° east is approx. 28° (in the north) and approx. 35° (in the south). A few meters away from an obstacle is usually enough to have a clear view of this satellite.

Which LNB frequency to set?

The scale on the back of the bowl is only for rough adjustment. Of course, you can also use a measuring device to measure the bowl. The correct setting for this is the LNB frequency, also called “LOF”: 9750 and Mar 2016

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