When is a comma set governing?

When is a comma set governing?

If you redirect your infinitive group through the conjunctions, without, instead of, instead of, except and as a, you have to put a comma. Also, you must use a comma if your infinitive phrase is announced by a descriptive word such as in that, for, that, so, this, it, and that.

What do you have to consider when it comes to punctuation in subordinate clauses?

The most important things about rules for placing commas in subordinate clauses at a glance: If the subordinate clause comes before or after the main clause, it is separated by a comma. If the subordinate clause interrupts the main clause (inserted subordinate clause), it is surrounded by commas.

As discussed over the phone I ask you?

Have you ever wondered whether there is a comma after sentences like we discussed before? The answer is: “as discussed” goes with or without a comma. The rule: According to 76 of the official regulation of German spelling, you can omit the comma in formulaic (shortened) subordinate clauses.

What words come after the comma?

is added, a comma is set. If the explanation is in the sentence, it is enclosed in commas. The explanations are often accompanied by word structures such as “also”, “particularly”, “that means” or “ie”, “in particular”, “namely”, “specifically”, “above all” and “for example” or “e.g .

When is there no comma that?

that there are many exceptions. Dash is used to introduce subordinate clauses and accordingly there is usually a comma in front of it. There is no comma if the subordinate clause introduced with that after e.g.

When do you write THE OR THAT after a comma?

If this is an article, it is easy to identify. After the comma, however, it almost always comes as a pronoun and refers to a noun that has already been mentioned. So it takes the place of a noun. As a pronoun, you can always replace this with this, that, or which.

As discussed on the phone, do I send you the information you want attached?

As discussed over the phone, I am sending you the requested information. The rest depends on whether you are sending an email with an attachment or a letter with an attachment. As agreed on the telephone, please find enclosed the requested/desired information.

As you requested comma?

As requested(,) we will send you the offers for both product variants. But beware! Be sure to use a comma if it helps to avoid misunderstandings.

As discussed Enclosed I send you?

As discussed(,) I am sending you my offer as an attachment….In these cases, a comma must be put:As discussed with you on the phone this morning, you will find attached my offer.As I said before your detailed monologue, I’m with you agree to your suggestion.

As discussed with you, do I send you my CV?

Thank you for the pleasant telephone conversation with you. As discussed, I am sending you my CV. I wish you a nice day and I would be happy if… you will find my complete application documents in the attachment.

As already mentioned, comma?

The comma in “as mentioned at the beginning” is optional (i.e. you can use it according to your own taste) if “as mentioned at the beginning” is used as an insert in a sentence. Example: The seriousness of the crime and the (,) as mentioned (,) very cruel execution of the crime allow us to come to this verdict.

When comma in insertion?

When placing a comma on insets, there are two ways you can use the inset or commas. The inset can be either in the middle of the sentence or at the end. For insets in the middle of a sentence, you must separate the inset from the rest of the sentence with commas on the left and right.

As already mentioned, Synonym?

popular synonymsknown (already mentioned)mentioned (said)clearly (known)large (known)active (conscious)active (conscious)recognized (known)public (known)

Synonymous as described above?

Synonyms for mentioned above1 Meaning: mentioned above. means consciously above. aforesaid above mentioned above above.2 Meaning: mentioned above. above mentioned above.

As you already know synonym?

funny, sweet, sweet, cuddly, dear, cute, cute, sweet, + Add a synonym?

As already announced synonym?

announced – Synonyms at OpenThesaurus. announced · predicted · from the outset · predicted · (already) clear in advance (coll.) · with announcement (coll.)

What does announced mean?

1) to inform, to communicate. 2) show. Examples of use: 1) It was announced that the train was a few minutes late.

As promised synonym?

popular synonymsguarantee (to assure)to promise (to assure)to swear (to assure)to assure (to assure)to fasten (to assure)to invoke (to assure)to assure (to make a promise)to promise (to assure)

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