When is a digital signature legally valid?

When is a digital signature legally valid?

“The legal validity of a qualified electronic signature corresponds to that of a handwritten signature. “(Article 25 – 2.) The evidential value of the electronic signature is therefore guaranteed if it is carried out with the help of a certified, trustworthy service provider.

Is a fax signature valid?

As far as a handwritten signature is required, the case law does not consider the transmission by fax, computer fax and e-mail, even with a scanned signature, to be legally binding.

How do I sign correctly?

The signature is considered a clear declaration of intent by the undersigned. Therefore, it must be clear from the lettering who it comes from. The Federal Court of Justice has stipulated in detail what a valid signature looks like: It must contain the full family name, the first name alone is not sufficient.

How to sign in the order?

A signature “on behalf” – in short “i. A. “- simply means that the representation signs as the general bearer of a message, but is not responsible for the message. So there is no power of attorney.

Where does the PPA appear in the signature?

ppa. “per procura” (the signatory is an authorized signatory and can enter into binding legal transactions; the “ppa.” must be handwritten in front of the signature.) These additions are written with a space of one blank line after the company / authority information.

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