When is a garnishment ineffective?

When is a garnishment ineffective?

The garnishment and transfer order is canceled if there is an obstacle to execution according to § 775 ZPO. The garnishment becomes ineffective and is not revived even if the obstacle to enforcement is removed. The creditor must seize again.

When does the repayment of social benefits become statute-barred?

(1) Claims to social benefits expire four years after the end of the calendar year in which they arose. (2) The provisions of the German Civil Code shall apply mutatis mutandis to suspension, suspension of expiry, restart and the effect of the statute of limitations.

How long can the Employment Agency demand money back?

Summary: According to § 50 Para. 4 SGB X, a claim for reimbursement under social law by the authority expires after 4 years after the end of the calendar year in which the reimbursement notice became final.

Can Hartz 4 be reclaimed?

In principle, no Hartz 4 repayment is required. The job center can only request this in certain cases. If, for example, a so-called “overpayment” took place, i.e. you received more money than you are actually entitled to, this can be reclaimed.

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