When is a source citable?

When is a source citable?

When it comes to the question of whether a source may be quoted, its availability to third parties is particularly relevant. Those sources that can be verified by third parties at any time are citable. Published books and journal articles are always citable.

What are non-scientific sources?

Non-scientific sources – eg articles from newspapers or practitioner magazines, reports from politics, etc. – can also be consulted, especially if there are no scientific publications on a topic (which is rarely the case).

What is a reputable source?

Characteristics of a reputable Internet source Is the author of the content on the website known or an expert in the field? References, imprint, images and the operator of a website provide information about the author and the seriousness of the website.

How can I quote from a lecture?

Quoting a lecture/lecture Tip: Therefore, look at the personal homepage of the speaker. Scheme for lecture: {last name}, {first name} ({year}): {lecture title}. (Lecture, {date}).

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