When is a table a figure?

When is a table a figure?

A table contains data. This information can usually also be used to create an image. Tables and figures are not separated. If a list of representations is available, the list of figures and tables must be omitted.

What counts as an illustration?

Use illustrations in your scientific work Illustrations include images, graphics, schemes or diagrams. They can be helpful for clearly presenting the results and connections of your work.

How do I quote my own pictures?

As with any literature you use for your work, it is also important to cite the correct source for images. Even if you use your own photo in your text, you must mark it with “Own photo” in the citation.

How do I label a table in Word?

Adding a Caption Select the object (table, formula, figure, or other object) that you want to add a caption to. On the References tab, in the Captions group, click Insert Caption.

What is an image caption?

1) Signature. Examples of use: 1) “The caption (or caption, BU for short) belongs to every photo; no photo appears without a caption. “

What do you call the text under an image?

The caption (the caption, the caption, the caption, the caption), if it is located under the main image of a page, is the text that is most likely to be read first, before any headings.

What needs to go in a caption?

As a rule, two elements are to be accommodated in the caption: the picture credits and the picture description. Photo credit is about naming the photographer and the licensor of the image. You are legally obliged to do so.

What is a caption?

The caption is a linguistic text that stands next to a picture and refers on the one hand to the picture and on the other hand to the context.

What does flnr mean?

The abbreviation vln means from left to right and is used in particular for captions in order to be able to name the people or objects depicted in the picture in the correct order. Occasionally the reverse variant v.

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