When is a thesis scientific?

When is a thesis scientific?

A scientific work is a systematically structured text in which one or more scientists present the result of his or her independent research. Research colloquia or lectures at a scientific conference. …

When is a text scientific?

A scientific text should therefore neither be a ‘reflection essay’ nor a ‘poetry of concern’. It can best be compared with the discussion known from school days in which a thesis is discussed. The scientific work can check your own thesis or a third-party thesis.

What characterizes scientific knowledge?

According to KRUSE, O. (2007, 61), scientific knowledge is characterized by systematising, reflecting, checking and writing down. This knowledge is also well founded in comparison to everyday knowledge.

What are scientific foundations?

The sciences that form the knowledge-based or philosophical prerequisites for a subject are called basic, fundamental or basic science.

What are the basics?

Basis. Meanings: [1] something (already existing) on ​​which something can be built or from which something can be further developed. Essential component (of an idea, teaching, theory)

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