When is it allowed to ask questions about pregnancy in the interview?

When is it allowed to ask questions about pregnancy in the interview?

Is it permissible to ask about pregnancy in the interview? The question of pregnancy is generally inadmissible. If you are asked about this by your employer, you are likely to tell the truth, ie you can hide a pregnancy that has actually been given. This follows from Section 7 Para.

What can you ask as an employer?

The employer may only ask about circumstances that are objectively suitable for increasing the risk inherent in an employment contract. Age. Education / professional career. Alcohol and drug use or addiction. Disability / severe disability. Professional availability / flexibility. Diseases. Gender.

What can my boss ask of me?

According to ยง 106 GewO, the employer can determine the content, place and time of work at its own discretion, unless these working conditions are stipulated by the employment contract, provisions of a works agreement, an applicable collective agreement or statutory provisions.

What is a Settings Sheet?

If the construction company hires a commercial worker, the employment conditions must first be clarified. It is to be used for commercial employees and handed over to the employee concerned. …

Where can I find the employee number for the Bau Sozialkasse?

2 answers This is the number of your company / employer at a SOKA-Bau – ask in the personnel office, they know the number. The employee number has nothing to do with your social security number. This is the personnel number that your employer will give you.

What is a pre-contract job?

As the name suggests: A preliminary contract is a contract before the actual contract. But why the whole thing? If an employment relationship is established, an employment contract is concluded. This lists in detail the conditions under which the new employment relationship comes about.

What is a preliminary contract?

Agreement that is binding for the subsequent conclusion of a main contract. The preliminary contract must contain an agreement on all essential points and usually be concluded taking into account the formal requirements for the main contract.

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