When is it necessary to quote?

When is it necessary to quote?

What needs to be quoted? Quotations must have a concrete relevance and clearly help one’s own argumentation. Scientific writing is too often confused with wanting or having to prove every little thing, every interpretation and every premise. Generally accepted assumptions need not be quoted.

When do I need a list of abbreviations?

The list of abbreviations is created when at least 3 abbreviations have been used. The list of abbreviations follows in your bachelor thesis directly after the table of contents and, if available, after the list of figures and list of tables.

Is it abbreviated in the following?

Abbreviation in the following i.F.: Meaning i.F. in the following

What is not in the list of abbreviations?

Generally known abbreviations are not included in the list of abbreviations. These include, among other things: z….list of references.list of figures.appendix.affidavit.

How do I make an abbreviation list?

Create a list of abbreviations in Word: Highlight the abbreviation in the text. Select the Set entry button in the References menu bar. Select the cross-reference and enter the meaning of the abbreviation. Mark the position where the list of abbreviations is to be inserted and select Set index.

What must be in the list of abbreviations?

The list of abbreviations should only contain words that you use more than once in your work. As a result, even words that are used more than once should be provided with an appropriate abbreviation.

What should a list of abbreviations look like?

Structure of a list of abbreviations The list of abbreviations itself has two columns: The abbreviations used in the term paper are listed in alphabetical order in the left-hand column. The corresponding resolutions are in the right column.

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