When is the best time to buy summer tires?

As a passionate driver, you know: summer tires are put on the wheels from Easter to October. This is just a rule of thumb, but tire change timings are roughly correct. Of course, the suppliers of summer tires are also aware of this, which is why the prices rise with increasing demand. This is especially true for local dealers. Online shops also increase the prices of their summer tires seasonally. However, providers such as still offer the cheapest alternative for the purchase of new tires from well-known manufacturers such as Dunlop, Pirelli or Michelin. So if you cleverly plan your purchase of summer tires before Easter, you can save valuable money.

After the season the prices fall

There are so many bargains to be had with last-minute trips. However, buying summer tires just before the start of the summer tire season is less advisable. Independent price tests have shown that summer tire prices increase slightly towards the end of February. Many then still drive with winter tires because occasionally the ground freezes. Especially the southern German regions and the roads in the mountains are affected. But many motorists are already looking for summer tires to be prepared for the start of the season. Around mid-March, maximum prices are demanded for summer tires. After all, most drivers now initiate the summer tire change. After that, the demand slowly ebbs away again. After mid-April, this means: Stationary dealers and online dealers will continue to lower prices again. Whether you choose a set of summer tires from Michelin, Goodyear or another manufacturer, buy the tires preferably early July. Statistically, they are the cheapest at this time. August, September and October are also good months to buy summer tyres. After all, in early autumn, consumers are primarily interested in winter tires, which is why dealers are happy to finally get rid of their stocks of summer tires. The motto is therefore: Buy your tires anti-cyclically!

Where can I buy cheap summer tires?

After the “when” is clarified, only the “where” remains to be determined. Here it is definitely worth taking a look at the internet. You can order summer tires at a particularly good price-performance ratio from competent and reputable online dealers. You will often discover offers there that are significantly lower in price than offers from stationary retailers. You can choose a set of summer tires 24 hours a day and every day of the week. Smart search engines with practical filter functions help you to find the tires that best suit your vehicle. In contrast to the dealer at your site, you can also carry out a price comparison much more easily. This is how you save even more!


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