When is the best time to sell a property?

Whether love takes you somewhere else, a condominium is to be turned into money, a divorce forces you to split up your house or or or: There are a wide variety of reasons to sell a property. The best time to do this is to identify the best moment to sell.

The following considerations will help you determine when is the best time to sell your house or apartment.

1. Tax-free property sales

For most of us, the ideal case has been reached when the property generates a high profit – as with online slots. This is not only the case if you are selling them for the maximum price, but especially if you do not have to pay taxes.

Wait for a 10-year period to avoid speculative tax

So that no tax is incurred when selling real estate, the owner must have lived in the property himself since the end of construction or purchase. If the house or apartment has been rented out, it has been owned for at least 10 years, so none Speculative tax accrues.
Or: The property was owner-occupied at least in the year of sale and the two calendar years before.

But even within the speculation period of 10 years, a house is not always sold Taxing a profit. Another exception is complete or temporary personal use of the property!

2. Keep an eye on developments in the real estate market

Most people are between 55 and 65 years old when they decide to sell their home. Then it is time to take a closer look at alternative forms of living.

thanks to Interest lows and one steady continued interest in real estate Prices for condominiums and houses have risen so sharply in some regions of Germany that even younger property owners are asking themselves:

Has the time now come when I will get the highest price for my property?

Nobody can predict 100% how real estate prices will develop in the future. However, there are indicators:

What role do the market situation and the economy play

So you can see what is happening in the market and Developments in your region under the microscope: Are infrastructure measures planned? -An expansion of local public transport, for example, or the construction of an airport? Are new residential areas being developed, schools or medical centers being built – or on the contrary: houses being demolished because there is no longer any need? All of this (and many more) are indications that real estate prices are rising or falling.

Of course that also plays Interest rate policy a role at (inter) national level as well as the Economy in the country: Are the jobs safe? Do you expect the cost of living to rise, forcing people to save?

The general rule: If the demand is high, but the supply of real estate is manageable, you can be sure that you will make a high profit on the sale of your house or condominium. When your property meets the expectations of potential buyers. More on this in the following point …

3. Observe the requirements of the prospective buyers

Whether you sell your property depends not only on what is happening on the market, but also largely on the property itself. Not everyone has the time to whip up a house in need of renovation – let alone the necessary craftsmanship. Others, on the other hand, look for exactly this in order to put their individual ideas into practice.

The requirements of the buyer play a decisive role: Parents with many children most likely want a family-friendly environment in which they can sometimes make noise. A childless cultural couple has completely different priorities. And so forth.

Have the property valued

It is not easy for the layman to find out price offer to be determined. You are therefore on the safe side when you hire an appraiser to do this. This evaluates your house or apartment according to criteria such as:

Location, condition as well as expansion and conversion options.

Also the Energy efficiency and any defects (for example on the building fabric) play a role in the valuation of the property and should therefore by no means be concealed!

If your property has been on the market for more than 90-120 days without being sold, you should reconsider the price and / or the marketing strategy. You may have taken the sale into your own hands and should now fall back on the expertise of a real estate agent. He can also ask you the question When is the best time to sell a property? answer exactly.

In the end, it’s just a matter of finding the right buyer for your property. That shouldn’t be a problem in the metropolitan area of ​​flourishing cities, because there is still a lot of interest in the house in the country.

LG Anne !!!

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