When is the semicolon used?

When is the semicolon used?

Use in German spelling. The semicolon can be used to separate subordinate clauses or word groups from one another. The semicolon expresses a higher degree of delimitation than a comma and a lower degree than a period.

How do you use the slash?

The correct spelling before and after a slash is: today/tomorrow. According to DIN 5008 point 7.7, the space after the slash is no longer used. Sometimes you read the spelling “today / tomorrow”, i.e. with a space before and after the slash. Better keep your hands off it.

When is dash coming?

According to the hyphen rules, a hyphen must be used when English and German words are combined (example: social media company), in compounds with abbreviations (example: SEO agency), in connections with numbers (example: fortnightly) and in the use of the hyphen as a supplementary dash (…

Where does a comma always go?

Before opposite conjunctions, e.g. B. “but”, “alone”, “yet”, “however”, “but”, there is a comma.

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