When should you apply to the police?

When should you apply to the police?

Bavaria. If you would like to be considered for the middle service in Bavaria for the recruitment dates at the beginning of March and the beginning of September, you must have applied by April 30 or October 31 of the previous year.

What do you need to apply to the police?

At least a secondary school leaving certificate with completed vocational training or secondary school leaving certificate, for the higher service Abitur. Citizenship of an EU country, alternatively possession of a permanent residence permit. Mastery of the German language, both written and spoken. minimum size.

When do I have to apply to the Federal Police?

You can apply to the Federal Police all year round. However, you should send your application at least 8 months before the start of the training. Mid-level hiring dates are the first working day in March and September.

How do I apply to the Federal Police?

After successfully registering, you can fill out your application online via the careers page of the Federal Police. Missing documents, certificates or medical reports will be sent to the Federal Police by post. If I’m not mistaken, you can even fill out an application directly there.

Where does the training for the federal police take place?

The training to become a federal police officer in the middle service – also known as preparatory service – takes place mainly at the training and further education centers of the Federal Police Academy and consists of theoretical and practical content.

What grades do you need to become a police officer?

have a grade of at least 4 in German, i.e. sufficient, and a grade of at least 3, i.e. satisfactory, in sports. on the certificate with which you are applying, have achieved at least grade 4 in English and are able to communicate in English.

How tall do you have to be to be a cop?

Because the recruitment criteria in North Rhine-Westphalia stipulate that male police officers must be at least 1.68 meters tall.

What qualifications do you need to work at customs?

If you want to work in the middle service, you need at least a qualifying secondary school certificate, a secondary school certificate with vocational training or a secondary school certificate. For the dual course of study you need to have an Abitur or Fachabitur.

Can you join the police with a high school diploma?

The answer is yes! You can become a police officer with a high school diploma. But there are certain conditions that have to be met in order for this to be possible. Because the normal, simple secondary school certificate is not sufficient, as it consists of only nine years of school.

What can you do with a high school diploma?

Professions with secondary school qualificationsMerchant in retail. Seller. Specialist salesman in the food trade. Specialist for warehouse logistics. Butcher. professional driver. warehouse clerk. track builder.

Can you join the Bundeswehr with a high school diploma?

Young adults with a school-leaving certificate (secondary school certificate, middle school leaving certificate, Abitur) and university graduates can apply for this. Career changers with professional experience are also welcome in the Bundeswehr.

What subjects do you have to be good at to become a police officer?

Requirements for employment in the Baden-Württemberg Police DepartmentMiddle service: secondary school leaving certificate (average grade: 3.2 or better)Higher service: high school diploma, vocational high school diploma (with university entrance qualification), master’s certificate or equivalent educational qualification (average grade: 3.0 or better)

What do you have to do to become a detective?

In order to become a police officer, you must complete a full-time dual course in criminal investigation. For this you need the Abitur or the technical college entrance qualification, which enables you to study. The course lasts a total of three years and is carried out at a police academy.

What do you need for the police in NRW for a degree?

Police NRW: Prerequisites for training The police in North Rhine-Westphalia only trains officers for the higher service. The prerequisite is the Abitur or the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Under certain circumstances, training with professional experience is also recognised. Exceptions and special regulations are possible.

How do you become a civilian police officer?

for the higher service, the Abitur or an equivalent educational qualification is mandatory. for the middle service, a secondary school certificate or an equivalent educational qualification is sufficient.

What jobs does the police train?

Police professions: Various professions in the police guard police. The guard police are part of the German state police, which supports the police in various federal states in their work. dog unit. cavalry squadron. BKA. LKA. flight service. water police. GSG9.

How long does NRW police training take?

The duration of the training is usually three years for a degree, and two and a half years for an apprenticeship.

How long does police school go?

Strong and competent police officers need a stable foundation. The training is divided into two phases in order to anchor theory and practice equally. Police training lasts a total of two years and consists of one year at the police academy and one year at the training association.

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