When should you start studying during your studies?

When should you start learning during your studies?

For many students, exam preparation begins shortly before the actual exams, both practically and mentally. These students don’t start studying until a few weeks (or days!) Before the exam is due to take place.

When should I study before the exams?

Complete the active phase of preparation at least three days before the actual exam. If you haven’t internalized the most important facts, you won’t get them into your head at the last minute, especially not into your long-term memory.

What to do the evening before the exam?

However, on the evening before the exam, new material should not be learned, nor should material that has already been learned be repeated. The magic word is relaxation! Go to the cinema or the theater! Take a walk!

What do I have to take with me to the intermediate exam?

As a rule, you should have the invitation to the exam, a non-programmable calculator, a ballpoint pen and your ID with you. Often it is enough if your cell phone is switched off in your pocket. Sometimes, however, you are not allowed to bring your cell phone to the exam in the first place.

How can I best prepare for the final exam?

Optimal exam preparation is particularly important for your intermediate and final exams. Spread the learning material around eight weeks before the exam and don’t forget to plan enough breaks for you. Our brain can only absorb new content for a limited time.

What do you need for the IHK exam?

What do I need to bring to the exam You should have an invitation, ID card or passport, ballpoint pen (+ spare ballpoint pen) and calculator with you for every exam. In addition, it is important to wear appropriate clothing.

What is an IHK test?

The IHK examination certificate is a certificate that is issued in Germany by a Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) after an examination in a non-manual trade occupation has been passed. For examinations that are carried out by the chambers of industry and commerce, the IHK issues an “examination certificate”.

How long does the written IHK exam take?

Normally, the IHK needs between one week and ten days for correction and second correction of the work. That means, if there are not too many holidays in between, or all correctors because of flu or similar.

How much is an IHK degree worth?

It corresponds to a workload of at least learning hours. There is no maximum number of learning hours. An IHK certification as a form of proof of professional development is highly regarded by employers.

Is an IHK degree recognized by the state?

If you want to obtain the IHK certificate, you must take the corresponding final examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in front of an examination committee. This chamber enjoys an extremely good reputation in business – so the degree is recognized both in companies and by the state.

Can you study with an IHK degree?

Further training as a master craftsman, technician or IHK specialist (e.g., if you have acquired an IHK degree by distance learning at DeLSt, you can then enroll in a course of your choice directly at a university without a special entrance test – even without the general university entrance qualification.

Is the IHK a university?

The IHK business economist is equivalent to a master’s degree at a German university. The business economist IHK entitles you to a bachelor’s degree at a German university of applied sciences.

Is a Fachwirt a university degree?

Skill level. The DQR classifies the specialist at EQF level 6 and evaluates the degree in terms of its level of aspiration as being equivalent to a master craftsman, state-certified technician or bachelor’s degree, but not as equivalent to a university degree.

Is a business economist on an equal footing with a bachelor’s degree?

In the DQR, the Bachelor in Business Administration obtained at a university corresponds to level 6, while the certified business economist (IHK) belongs to level 7. The university’s master’s degree is at the same level. Thus, this professional development corresponds to the degree at the master’s level.

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