When to apply for studies 2020?

When to apply for studies 2020?

The following applies to the winter semester 2020/2021: Applications for courses with limited places can be submitted from until midnight. Applications for unrestricted admission courses are possible (depending on the university) from mid-August to mid-October.

How does enrollment at the university work?

You should have the following ready for your matriculation, i.e. enrollment: Your original high school diploma, a valid identity card or passport, the health insurance certificate and your notification of admission if you have been accepted for a degree program with restricted admission.

How do I apply for a study place?

For a successful application for your studies, most universities expect the following documents: A completed application form for the application to study. You can usually find the form on the university’s website. Proof of university entrance qualification.

What do you need to enroll?

You must bring the following documents with you for enrollment: ID card or passport (alternatively, a comparable proof of identity) University entrance qualification (Abitur certificate or certificate of the technical high school diploma) Certificate of health insurance. For subjects with restricted admission: admission notice. Further entries…

What do I have to do after enrollment?

After enrolling, you have access to all university facilities. You can only enroll if you have received admission from the university. If your application for a place on the course was successful, you will receive a notification of admission. This document will be sent to you by post.

What documents do I need for the university application?

As a rule, the following documents are required: Proof of university entrance qualification (e.g. certified high school diploma) Proof of health insurance.

What do I need for my studies?

Here we present some things that you should not do without during your studies.Laptop. A laptop is indispensable during your studies. pad and pen. bag or backpack. Headphone. Cell phone and charging cable. Coffee mug.

How often can you enroll for a course?

You can only be enrolled in one course at a time. However, there is nothing wrong with attending lectures that are not related to your subject, for example if you want to change courses. You are confusing applying with registering. You can only be enrolled once, you can apply more than once.

Is it possible to study at two universities at the same time?

In Germany, you can generally be enrolled at two or more universities at the same time (“multiple matriculation”), as long as the courses are different. This also applies to international colleges, ie colleges or universities in different countries.

Can you enroll in two universities at the same time?

Can I enroll in several courses at the same time? In principle, it is possible to enroll in several courses at the same time. However, according to the Higher Education Act, it is not permissible to enroll in two degree programs that are subject to admission restrictions at the same time.

Can you enroll in multiple universities?

Yes! You could apply to several universities in Germany for the same semester without being disadvantaged in the selection process. You should also make use of this opportunity, because the general rule is: the more applications you send, the better your chance of getting a place at university.

Can you accept two study places?

If you submit several applications for a place on a course in order to increase your chances of getting a place on a course, you may receive several acceptances. In addition, applications may still be open while you have already received acceptance from other universities.

Can I apply for 2 courses at the University of Hamburg?

It is possible to apply for a maximum of three courses at the same time at the University of Hamburg via the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV).

When will I get notification from the university?

January you can expect a notification from the end of February. For degree programs with an application deadline of July 15th, you can expect a notification from mid-September. approval or

How often can you apply to a university?

Yes, on you can apply for up to twelve desired courses. However, whether you can apply for several courses at one university is decided by the respective university or institute.

Can I apply to several courses at the LMU?

As an international applicant, can I apply for several restricted-admission courses at the LMU? No. You can enter two courses in the application form for international applicants, but only one of them can be a restricted-admission course.

Can I apply for several unrestricted admission courses?

Even if you want to combine two admission-free bachelor’s degree programs, enrollment works as described in the video. The application for admission-restricted 1-subject bachelor’s degree runs via the portal

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