Where can I apply for a voluntary social year?

Where can I apply for a voluntary social year?

Step: Applying You should apply about six months in advance for a job in Germany. However, there are numerous places where you can start a voluntary service at short notice. As a rule, you apply directly to a provider. You can also apply to several.

When do I have to apply for a voluntary social year?

When does a FSJ start? Basically, you can start an FSJ at any time. Many of them usually start in September, because the new course year begins in autumn.

How much do you earn in an FSJ?

The law provides a framework for the amount of pocket money in the FSJ, see above. It amounts to at least 50% and a maximum of 100% of the marginal earnings limit. For 2014 it is between 197.65 euros and 395.31 euros per month.

Does the FSJ count?

In addition to the Abitur grade, a completed Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) as well as other voluntary services (FSJ, FÖJ, international voluntary service, development policy voluntary service weltwärts, European voluntary service, other service abroad) can be used for admission to a …

Why should one do a voluntary social year?

The FSJ is not only suitable if you want to become a doctor, educator, teacher or nurse. The voluntary service offers you the opportunity to orientate yourself in a general way about your profession. A social year gives you the space and time to be clear about your professional and personal goals.

What do you do in school during an FSJ?

In an FSJ at the school, you support the teachers and students in their various activities. For example, you accompany teachers in class and offer students additional help there. There it is important to accompany students in the group processes in the classroom.

What speaks against a voluntary social year?

Another argument against the FSJ is the amount of time that you have to spend. If you decide to do the FSJ, you give up flexibility in spending your free time. You are tied to fixed working hours and can no longer meet up with friends easily and spontaneously.

In which areas can you do a voluntary social year?

The FSJ can be done in social institutions, e.g. in day-care centers, homes for the disabled or in care facilities for the elderly. The FSJ Culture can be done in cultural institutions, e.g. in youth culture centers, music schools, theaters or museums.

What do you have to do in a FSJ in the hospital?

Your activities with patients include, for example, handing out and clearing food. If necessary, you will help them to eat. You help patients with personal hygiene and accompany them to examinations. You will learn to measure blood pressure and support you with documentation.

Which is better FSJ or BFD?

The main difference between the voluntary social year and the federal voluntary service lies in the organization and internal processes. You can do a BFD several times – every five years. An FSJ is only possible once, for up to 18 months.

What FSJ is there?

There are a number of different voluntary services. Voluntary social year. Voluntary ecological year. Federal Voluntary Service. Voluntary service abroad.

Can you end an FSJ early?

The exact conditions for ending your FSJ early can only be found in your FSJ contract. In addition, there is a trial period of 3 months in most FSJ positions, during which you can cancel with a notice period of 14 days.

Are you entitled to unemployment benefits after an FSJ?

If a phase of unemployment occurs after the end of the Voluntary Social Year (FSJ), you are entitled to unemployment benefit.

What is FSJ in Germany?

The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) is a social voluntary service in Germany and, to a much lesser extent, in Austria for adolescents and young adults who have completed full-time compulsory schooling and are not yet 27.

Can foreigners do FSJ?

A voluntary service in Germany is also possible for applicants from abroad. For example, after your au pair, you can continue to get involved in Germany with a voluntary social year (FSJ). Incomers and refugees can also take advantage of the opportunity to apply for an FSJ.

How do you calculate the unemployment benefit?

How much unemployment benefit you receive The calculation is based on your gross wages (salary) for the past 12 months. This amount is divided by the number of days in a year, i.e. 365. The result is your gross wages per day.

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