Where can I complain about the school?

Where can I complain about the school?

Where you file the complaint is up to you. You can address the supervisory complaint against a teacher directly to the respective headmaster of the school, inform the school office or write to the district government.

How far can you live from the school?

If the child is to be enrolled in an alternative primary school, for example a Montessori or Waldorf school, this may generally be further away from the child’s place of residence, as these free school types are usually not found at all locations.

Can you enroll in two schools at the same time?

Can I register my child at several schools of my choice? In addition, a maximum of two further school place requests can be specified. However, registration is only possible at the first school of your choice.

Can you choose the school?

German children are required to attend school. The primary school is compulsory for all school types, afterwards various secondary schools can be chosen. Parents are free to decide which school their child should go to – but there are limits and rules.

Can you choose the high school?

In Bavaria there is no legal right to a specific school. If more children apply than there are places in the new fifth grade, the directors are forced to make a selection. Preference is given to whose siblings are already attending school and who lives nearby.

Which school does my child have to go to?

Example: Section 46 (3) of the NRW Schools Act states that every child has the right to be admitted to the primary school of the desired type of school in their municipality that is closest to their home – but with one restriction: “within the admission capacity set by the school authority.”

Who decides which class my child will go to?

Re: Who decides which child comes with whom in a class? For the most part, the school decides. Some schools also consult with the kindergartens. Often you can indicate with whom the child should come to a class, which is then taken into account as far as possible.

Who decides on the secondary school?

When choosing a secondary school, the type of school is decisive. On the other hand, parents also include the educational concept, the range of lessons and the framework conditions of the respective schools in their decision.

Who decides to defer school?

The school management decides whether a child is put on hold. However, the parents must submit the application for this and justify them very well. The pediatrician and the educators in the kindergarten are the contact persons from whom you can get advice and help.

How do I know if my child is ready for school?

Not only physical development, but also personality counts for school readiness. In principle, children have to go to school when they are six years old.

How do I know if my child is ready for school?

In general, compulsory schooling applies to children from the age of 6, but due to the different deadlines, there are also “optional children” who can start school sooner or later. The research on the topic is anything but uniform, which does not make the decision easier for parents.

When should a child be put on hold?

A child who is at least six years old on September 30th can be postponed from admission to primary school for one school year if it is expected that the child will probably not be successful until one school year later or in accordance with Art. 41 Para 5 can take part in the lessons of the elementary school.

When is a child not allowed to start school?

Mental development The school aptitude test does not ask about school knowledge and does not test a child’s intelligence. A child is not fit for school simply because he or she can already write his or her name or count to 20.

What does not fit for school mean?

No generally applicable definition of school readiness. Today there is agreement that there is no generally applicable definition of “school ability” and that it cannot exist at all. The requirements a school places on children when they start school are nowhere explicitly stipulated.

When is the school enrollment test?

During the school enrollment examination, a so-called optional child who is not yet six years old on the cut-off date is examined to see whether he or she is ready for school or should rather wait another year. Depending on the federal state, the deadline is between June 30th and December 30th.

What does a child have to be able to do in preschool?

A preschooler should have an idea of ​​himself and his environment (general knowledge). This includes a basic knowledge of nature and the world. You can promote this general knowledge by talking a lot with your child and explaining them during walks etc.

What does a child need in first grade?

The focus in 1st class is learning to read and write as well as understanding numbers and arithmetic and an introduction to geometry.

When is a school medical examination?

Examination by experienced school doctors Every child is examined – usually by a school doctor – before they start school. The date for the examination is usually given by the responsible health department or when you register at the responsible school.

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