Where can I find the Astra satellite?

Where can I find the Astra satellite?

Most households in Germany align their dish to the satellites at the position Astra 19.2 degrees East. In addition to public broadcasters, they also broadcast many private broadcasters, Sky and foreign programs.

How is a satellite dish aligned?

Satellite dishes are oriented towards the south in Germany. There should be no house, tree, or even a shrub in the immediate vicinity of the bowl. The direct path towards the sky should be completely free for a perfect signal. Neighboring houses are also an obstacle.

How should signal for Astra be?

Signal strength and signal quality display The signal strength bar usually shows a low value even without an antenna. Reception is only possible with values ​​above 70 percent. The bar is decisive for the signal quality. The signal quality should be at least 75 percent for perfect reception.

What signal strength is good SAT reception?

Usually 55% is sufficient for reception, but at least 65% is required for HD reception. However, these values ​​differ greatly depending on the receiver. Common causes of poor signal quality are poor alignment of the dish or objects in the field of view of the satellite (trees, etc.).

Which signal quality is normal?

As has already been correctly stated here several times, the value of the signal quality with optimal reception is between 100-90% and that of the signal strength is around 90-65%.

How can I improve the signal quality?

You can try to improve the quality and the signal using a SAT finder that is connected directly to the LNB. After connecting, change the position of the LNB millimeter by millimeter and check whether the display improves or worsens.

Which tape on Astra 19 2?

Four-split satellite signal The broadband signal broadcast by the satellite uses two frequency ranges in two polarizations: The frequency ranges are the low band from 10,700 – 11750 MHz and the high band from 11750 – 12750 MHz.

What does the signal strength say?

The higher the displayed value for the signal strength, the worse the signal (-0 dBm would be ideal). Values ​​between -30 dBm and -40 dBM are good for a WLAN, values ​​beyond -85 dBm are critical.

How high does the signal strength have to be at Kabel Deutschland?

The average signal quality is 80 percent.

How high can the bit error rate be?

Everything that is above 0 in the bit error rate indicates a signal that is too weak. 57 is of course not enough. Ideally and with a correct satellite system, the signal strength should be around 80, the signal quality around 100 and the bit error rate around 0. Regardless of which station.

What is the bit error rate?

In many publications, based on the English term bit error rate (BER), the term bit error rate is preferred for a bit error rate (with the dimension “number of errors per unit of time”). …

What frequency on cable television?

It meets a junction box that provides three signals: Classic FM radio receivers: downstream 85–111 MHz. Internet and related services: upstream 5–85 MHz and downstream 111–864 MHz. traditional cable television: downstream 111-864 MHz.

How many dB does a cable connection have to have?

Good cables have a shielding level of 85 dB or more. Coaxial cables with thicker shields are used when, for example, a source of interference is nearby.

Which channels cable television?

TV Station Cable TV StationCategoryUMHistory Channel HDDoku / InfoHistory ChannelDoku / InfoAllstars, Highlightskabel eins classicsFeatures, SeriesAllstarsKinowelt TV HDFeatures, SeriesHighlights + HD49

How can I receive digital TV via cable?

If you want to continue receiving stations via the cable connection, you can either use a receiver for the digital radio via cable between the junction box and your radio. You have to make sure that your radio has a connection through which it can receive the signal from the receiver.

Can you receive ORF via cable?

Today ORF one and ORF 2 can only be received in areas near the border in Bavaria, as they are broadcast terrestrially (via DVB-T) and unencrypted via cable. The channels are broadcast in encrypted form via satellite. Nevertheless, there are ways to receive the ORF in Germany.

Can every television receive cable?

Most televisions can receive digital TV via antenna (DVB-T) and cable (DVB-C) without an additional device. If the television does not explicitly support DVB-S or the successor standard DVB-S2, dish owners must also use an external receiver.

Can you receive cable TV without a receiver?

If you’ve already locked cable TV, all you need is a DVB-C receiver. If you don’t want to subscribe to Pay TV channels or HD private channels, you don’t need a smart card.

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