Where can I find the DHL tracking number?

Where can I find the DHL tracking number?

The consignment number can be found on the delivery receipt for the consignment – when you place an order, the sender usually gives you the consignment number. Please check whether you have entered the correct number and whether a number has crept in.

What is the tracking number?

The consignment number When you create a parcel label, a consignment number, including a consignment ID or tracking ID, is automatically assigned. The number consists of 10 to 39 numbers, depending on the parcel service, and a combination of letters and numbers is also possible.

How do I find my DHL package without a tracking number?

DHL shipment tracking without shipment number First go to the DHL website and look for the program that is responsible for shipment tracking. Now you have to enter the sender’s reference number in the corresponding line.

Where can I find the tracking number on Amazon?

Log in to Amazon and click on your orders in the account overview. Activate the “Track delivery” button for the order you are looking for. You will then see the tracking number of your order.

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