Where can I find the issue number?

Where can I find the issue number?

The number of the booklet refers to the edition at hand. You can find the information about the year and number on the title of the magazine or in the header or footer of the article. If it is the first year or the first issue, this may not be mentioned.

How to cite the source in the presentation?

If literature was used in your presentation, you must indicate this separately from the online sources. Enter the title of the book, the author, the publisher, the year of publication and the pages used. In general, the sources are always listed on the last slide of the presentation.

How do you quote a graphic?

In addition to the information directly below the figure in the text, there are figures with a complete reference to the source in the bibliography. It is important that you cite the source for all information that comes from other authors.

How are images labeled?

The labeling of images in scientific papers is placed below the image. Figures and tables should always be placed in the text.

How do you label a picture?

Select the object (table, formula, figure or other object) to which you want to add a label. On the References tab, in the Labels group, click Insert Label. In the Name list, select the name that the object (ex.

How do you make pictures in Word?

Word. Click the image that you want to add a caption to. Click References & Insert Label. If you want to use the standard labeling (illustration), enter your labeling in the Labeling field.

How can you make arrows in Word?

How to insert arrows in Word Open Word and switch to the “Insert” tab. Then select “Shapes”. Click on the arrow you want and then align the symbol on your Word document, after which you can still edit the arrows, for example by changing the fill color.

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