Where can I have my job reference checked?

Where can I have my job reference checked?

Professional. If you want to have a certificate additionally checked, contact a specialist lawyer for labor law or a certificate advisor. Trade unions such as Verdi offer free reference advice for members.

Can employers check references?

How to recognize false CVs and certificates Compare CV with certificates (pay attention to dates and periods of time) Ask for references and also contact them (obtain the applicant’s consent in advance for data protection reasons) Check the applicant’s information in the interview – and if there are any discrepancies, if necessary, more entries…•

Is the employer obliged to issue a good job reference?

Proof of good work A work reference only has to be issued if the employee requests it. At the end of a vocational training relationship, however, the employer is always obliged to issue the certificate. The trainee does not have to request this first.

Which job reference is better?

With a good or bad reference, you influence the further professional career of an employee. If the job reference is particularly good, he has optimal chances when looking for a job. On the other hand, with a bad report card, you can make his further career path very difficult.

What can you do if you do not agree with the work reference?

This must correspond to the truth, contain an individual assessment, be complete and benevolently formulated. If you do not agree with your employer’s job reference, you can lodge an objection and request a correction.

How long can I object to an employment reference?

There is a statutory period of three years for requesting a job reference. The period of six months applies to contesting a job reference. Courts assume that employers will no longer be able to properly assess benefits at a later date.

How can I have my job reference changed?

A new certificate is always issued. The passages may not simply be replaced in the old job reference. No one may recognize that the job reference was corrected afterwards. Only the passages that are the subject of the complaint may be changed; the rest of the job reference must remain as it is.

When can I request my work reference?

According to Section 109, Paragraph 1 of the Industrial Code (GewO), the right to a written job reference arises upon termination of the employment relationship. If the employment relationship is terminated by notice, the entitlement arises after the notice period has expired.

When can I request a qualified job reference?

There are deadlines for a qualified job reference, which means that your entitlement to it expires after a certain period of time. Check your employment contract or collective agreement for cut-off periods. By law, you are entitled to a qualified job reference for three years.

Can I request a reference without notice?

Employees do not have a legal right to an interim certificate. The employer may even refuse to issue you one. After all, it makes him extra work. And then there may be the suspicion that you want to leave the company altogether.

Can I ask for a simple job reference?

You can request a simple job reference OR a qualified job reference – but you have to decide on one type of reference. If you have requested and received a simple job reference, your entitlement to a qualified job reference has expired.

Is a simple job reference bad?

A simple job reference contains no assessments of your performance or conduct. It is comparable to a neutral job description. Nevertheless, in certain situations it makes sense to request the simple reference from the employer instead of the qualified reference.

When is a simple certificate issued?

As soon as the employment relationship ends – whether voluntarily or not – employees are entitled to a simple job reference. This emerges from §109 paragraph 2 of the trade regulations (GewO). The document provides information about the duration, the type of employment and the company for which you worked.

Can I just ask for an interim certificate?

When can you request an interim certificate? First of all: There is no general legal right to an interim certificate! Unlike with a job reference, you cannot force it. Nevertheless: If you state a “legitimate interest”, you can assert a claim to it.

How often can you request an interim certificate?

Are employees entitled to an interim certificate? No. There is no general entitlement to an interim certificate – in contrast to a qualified final certificate, which anyone who has been employed in a company for more than six weeks can request.

How often can I request an interim certificate?

However, while the employee has a legal right to an employment reference when the employment relationship ends, he can only request an interim reference if he can prove a “legitimate interest”.

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