Where can I have my school leaving certificate recognized?

Where can I have my school leaving certificate recognized?

You can obtain addresses, for example, from your employment agency or your job center or from the Integration through Qualification (IQ) advice centers. Have the translations of your certificates officially certified. This certification confirms that the translation corresponds to the original.

How much does the recognition cost?

What does the recognition process cost? The recognition process can cost up to 600 euros. Sometimes it costs more.

How can I recognize my diploma?

Professional qualifications: You can find out from the competent professional chambers whether the profession you have learned belongs to a regulated or non-regulated profession. Then you can decide whether a formal recognition procedure is necessary.

Where can foreign diplomas be recognized?

Recognition of qualifications in business In order to make the decision easier for the employer, you can apply for a certificate evaluation at the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). This shows, among other things, which German training your university degree is comparable to.

Is the Polish Abitur recognized in Germany?

4 answers. There is currently no automatic mechanism for the recognition of foreign qualifications in Germany. In principle, however, these are still valid as they are issued. There is a Polish-German agreement for the recognition of educational qualifications from 1997.

Is the Romanian Abitur recognized in Germany?

Young emigrants who have attended the Lyceum in Romania and left after completing the 11th grade can attend a special two-year Abitur course, the so-called “special course”, and acquire the German Abitur with the final exam.

Is the Syrian Abitur recognized in Germany?

Anyone who has passed a Syrian high school diploma in the natural sciences with, for example, 74% of the points and can prove it – so it’s best to hold their original certificate in hand – can apply directly for any course of study. Provided, of course, that the language skills are sufficient.

What is certificate recognition?

The certificate recognition office for the Free State of Bavaria is the Bavarian state office for the evaluation of certificates for non-Bavarian school-leaving qualifications: as proof of university entrance qualification, technical college entrance qualification, a middle school leaving certificate or a successful secondary school leaving certificate.

Can you study in Germany with a Turkish Abitur?

The German general higher education entrance qualification, the Abitur, is recognized. However, the technical college entrance qualification is also recognized in Turkey as a university entrance requirement – for all universities and courses of study. This means that you can also apply to universities with the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

Is medical studies in Turkey recognized in Germany?

Recognition of academic achievements in Germany Due to the adaptation of the Turkish study programs to the Bologna Process, medical studies in Turkey or the corresponding degree abroad, in Europe (thus also in Germany), Switzerland and the USA are recognized.

What do you have to do to study in Turkey?

Application with a high school diploma Can you study at Turkish universities with a high school diploma? Yes! In Turkey, German higher education entrance qualifications are recognized by universities and technical colleges – both the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) and the technical college entrance qualification (Fachabitur).

Can you study in Turkey with a high school diploma?

Permit. The basic requirement for admission to study in Turkey is a secondary school diploma. The German Abitur is usually recognized.

Can I study in Germany?

To study in Germany, you need a university entrance qualification that would also allow you to study in your home country. Applicants from non-EU countries should contact the International Office of the university at which they would like to begin their studies to check their university entrance qualification.

How long does it take to study medicine in Turkey?

As in Germany, medical studies in Istanbul are designed for six years. It consists of two pre-clinical, three clinical and one practical year.

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