Where can I study Business Administration?

Where can I study Business Administration?

Business administration studies at universitiesBachelor of Science Business Administration and Economics at the University of Passau.Bachelor of Science Business Administration at the Kühne Logistics University Hamburg.Master of Business Administration at the BSP Business School Berlin.

Is business administration?

The Business Administration course is conducted as a distance learning course. Study booklets specially prepared for self-study form the theoretical framework. At the same time, modern multimedia forms of communication such as online lectures, online tutorials or online exercises are offered.

How much does a Business Administrator make?

Bachelor of Science Business Administration Salaries in Germany. As a Bachelor of Science Business Administration you can expect an average salary of €33,400. The salary range for a Bachelor of Science Business Administration is €28,800 to €42,900.

What do you do when you study business administration?

The main areas of focus in the classic business administration degree are, for example, marketing, management, finance or human resources. There are also business administration courses that allow students to specialize in a sub-area such as logistics or event management right from the start.

What do you need for a cut to study business administration?

Depending on the university, the NC for the bachelor’s degree in business administration varies between 2.2 and 3.4. For popular universities such as the University of Cologne, you sometimes have to do a 1.5-level Abitur in order to have a good chance of getting a place on a business administration course.

How good do you have to be in math to study business administration?

In general, business administration is of course a very calculation- and number-heavy science. If the answer is “yes” for you, you can study business administration regardless of very good or solid school grades in math (regardless of whether it is a basic or advanced course).

Which school subjects are important for business studies?

However, these subjects are almost always part of business studies: financing and investment. economics. business mathematics. marketing. accounting.

What subjects do you need for a psychologist?

In order to be able to do your own research, you will receive all the necessary basics in the Psychology Bachelor’s degree… During your studies you will take modules such as: General Psychology.Biological Psychology.Social Psychology.Developmental Psychology.

What are the key areas of business administration?

As a rule, the following business administration focal points can now be mentioned in a business administration degree: General business administration. Construction and real estate management, facility management. Finance, insurance. Trade and industry. International business administration. Logistics. Marketing, sales.

What subjects do you need to study psychology?

General Psychology. Team. Biological and Differential Psychology. Current. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Employees. Cognitive Science.Neuropsychology.Educational and Developmental Psychology. employees. Rehabilitation psychology and psychotherapy. social psychology and methodology.

What kind of Abitur do you need to study psychology?

At all German universities, the psychology NC in this semester is between 1.1 and 1.5. On average, you need at least a grade of 1.3 to be admitted without any problems.

What do you need for an NC to study psychology?

Yes, the NC is usually raised after the first students have been selected. It is therefore possible to be admitted to a psychology degree with an average of 2.1, for example. However, these are mostly universities that are less popular with psychology students.

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