Where can you find scientific definitions?

Where can you find scientific definitions?

Finding definitions of terms The easiest way to get a clue is to go to Google Scholar for the citations. Here is an example of the term “conversational agents”. The first hit in that search query was cited far more often than any other source.

Where can I find literature for a bachelor thesis?

Searching for literature for a bachelor’s thesis in libraries You can find suitable literature for a bachelor’s thesis in specialist libraries (e.g. in the institute’s own library) and university libraries.

Where can I find scientific literature?

Research using the scientific meta-search engines Google Scholar and Catalog also delivers good results. plus!, which access texts regardless of their origin. Accordingly, the results of the search should be checked intensively for relevance and scientific usefulness.

How do I find scientific journals?

http://www.springerlink.com (Springer) http://www.oxfordjournals.org/ (Oxford University Press) http://journals.cambridge.org/ (Cambridge University Press) http://online.sagepub. com/ (Sage)

Where can I find good studies?

We present some offers that are also ideal for studying.Google Scholar. Google Scholar is the scientific variant of the Google search engine. MetaGer. ScienceDirect. BASE.

Why systematic literature research?

The systematic literature research helps you to get an overview of the existing literature and to organize and analyze it systematically. When researching literature, you can use other materials in addition to books.

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