Where can you work as a caregiver?

Where can you work as a caregiver?

A nursing specialist finds a job in clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Vacancies for nurses are also advertised by nursing homes and old people’s homes. As a caregiver, you can also work in a hospice or outpatient care service.

Where can you work as a pediatric nurse?

In order to work in pediatric nursing, you have to complete the new training as a nursing specialist. You work with sick children in hospitals, children’s clinics, children’s homes, specialist practices or outpatient care services.

How much does a Health and Pediatric Nurse make?

Your starting salary is between 15 euros gross per month. So over the years you will automatically get more. If you are then still particularly diligent, you can get additional salary increases and earn up to 2200 euros gross.

What does it take to become a pediatric nurse?

The school requirement is an intermediate school leaving certificate. If you have a secondary school leaving certificate and have already completed at least two years of training, you can also apply for training as a pediatric nurse. You should become a health and pediatric nurse if…

What does a health and pediatric nurse do?

Health and pediatric nurses look after and care for infants, sick children and young people in inpatient facilities or in the outpatient area. They carry out nursing and medical measures according to medical instructions.

What is a pediatric nurse?

Why do you want to be a health care worker?

There are many reasons against it. The shift work, the wage in relation to the responsibility, the lack of staff, the health policy development and the billing according to flat rates. Nevertheless, around 500,000 people across Germany work in the various nursing professions.

How do I become a health care worker?

Health workers and nurses: Prerequisites for the training. You can’t do the training to become a nurse with every school leaving certificate. A secondary school leaving certificate or another equivalent completed school education is required for the job.

How long does nursing training take?

The training lasts three years and takes place at nursing schools, which are often affiliated with hospitals.

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