Where do you give the source of an illustration?

Where do you give the source of an illustration?

In addition to the information directly below the figure in the text, there are figures with a complete reference to the source in the bibliography. It is important that you cite the source for all information that comes from other authors.

How do I quote from internet sources?

Therefore, when citing internet sources, you always have to enter the URL and the respective access date. While you give a short reference to the respective internet source in the text, the bibliography contains the complete source information.

How do I correctly indicate image sources?

When using images under the CC license, the following information is required: Attribution of the author, such as “Max Mustermann” Link to the source of the image. Name of the CC license and link to the corresponding license stamp. Processing instructions.Title of the work “”

What is a source in history?

In historical studies, everything that can be asked about the past is now regarded as a ‘source’.

What is a tradition source?

In a traditional source, the author reports on the past and the present, whereby he already selects, evaluates or summarizes. Bernheim calls the traditional sources collectively “reports”.

What is a source of water?

A spring is a place where groundwater emerges permanently or temporarily at the surface of the terrain in a natural way. Most of the time, it is (meteoric) groundwater fed by precipitation. Only in rare cases does the water come from deeper parts of the earth’s interior (juvenile water).

Where does the spring water come from?

Spring water or well water comes from natural underground and pollution-protected reservoirs and is bottled directly at the source (originally synonymous with “well”). Spring water must be “naturally pure” and must not be treated chemically or using filter technology. …

What is a source?

Source (history), texts, objects or facts to gain knowledge about the past. Source (news service), origin of information. a person as a source of information, see informant.

Where can a source arise?

A spring arises where groundwater emerges from the ground. Depending on where and how the water emerges, we differentiate between different types of springs. Sources are locally limited outflows of groundwater.

Is spring water groundwater?

Sources are places where groundwater naturally emerges from the ground. Actually, the spring water is also groundwater. An important difference to groundwater, however, is that spring water flows close to the surface in parts and does not linger in the ground as long.

How is the groundwater formed?

Like water in a sponge, groundwater collects in small and large cavities under the earth. It occurs when rain or meltwater seeps into the ground or when water from streams, rivers or lakes flows through crevices into the subsoil.

Where does the river originate?

So deep under our feet there are rivers and lakes in which the water collects. This underground water supply is called groundwater. In some places the rock of the subsoil is now so porous that the groundwater is pushed upwards from below. It then emerges as a source.

How does a river originate?

A river is created when the falling rain runs off the mountains into the plains and into the sea; On the sloping surfaces of the mountains, the flowing water gains rousing power, it cuts into mountains and land, it forms valleys and finally piles the debris carried along by the continent …

Where do rivers begin?

Rivers mostly flow into the sea, or they evaporate in dry, ultimately drain-free areas, often also in end lakes. The smaller rivers that flow into it are called tributaries.

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