Where do you put a semicolon?

Where do you put a semicolon?

The semicolon appears in two usages: It can appear between clauses or phrases of equal rank where the period would separate too much and the comma too little. For example. It can be used in lists to clarify the internal structure. For example.

When is a semicolon used?

Use in German spelling. The semicolon can be used to separate subordinate clauses or word groups from one another. The semicolon expresses a higher degree of delimitation than a comma and a lower degree than a period.

What is semicolon on keyboard?

Character designationKeyboards with and without number pad,comma (also comma)31u 002c;semicolon (also semicolon)31u 003b_underscore31u 005f&et sign (also ampersand, ampersand, ampersand or company ampersand)31u 002625 more lines

When dash dot?

The semicolon, also known as a semicolon, is a punctuation mark that stands between a point and a comma: It connects sentences and groups of words and is used where a point is too strong but a comma is too weak.

When is a set?

If an explanation is appended to the sentence or appended, a comma is used. If the explanation is in the sentence, it is enclosed in commas.

When do you use dash?

The dash is often used where there is a distinct pause in spoken language. Often other punctuation marks such as commas or brackets could be used in such cases.

What do dashes do?

The dash sets accents – it emphasizes, separates and builds tension. It is often a varied alternative to the comma and is used as a stylistic device. Too many dashes interrupt the flow of the text and the reader loses interest. A dash creates an effect on the reader.

When is the dash and when is the hyphen?

Do you know the difference between a hyphen and a dash? Hyphen and dash are related but have different purposes. Visually, they differ in length: a hyphen is short (-). A dash is long (–).

Which dash for to?

The em dash (–), also long dash, is a horizontal line in typography that is one em long. It is used as a dash, bis-dash and dash as well as with monetary amounts.

Which dash for years?

Spelling: the long dash. In the first case with spaces before and after. In the second case, the minus sign comes directly in front of the number. This dash is always placed between the year and numbers when “until” is meant.

When long hyphen?

When to Use the Dash Dashes are mainly used to emphasize parts of a sentence. You replace commas or brackets in this function. On the other hand, dashes can be used for from-to information, as a minus sign or for monetary amounts.

How to use forward slash

The correct spelling before and after a slash is: today/tomorrow. According to DIN 5008 point 7.7, the space after the slash is no longer used. Sometimes you read the spelling “today / tomorrow”, i.e. with a space before and after the slash. Better keep your hands off it.

How do I make an en dash?

On a standard keyboard, this works quickly and easily with the key combination Ctrl + minus sign, whereby the minus sign means the one on the right of the numeric keypad. Inserting the dash: bottom left key + top right key. Insert dash using the symbol palette.

How to make a backslash on Mac?

To type the backslash in the text, press and hold the “Alt” and “Shift” keys and then press the number “7”.

When en dash?

En-dash as punctuation mark for round amounts after the decimal point instead of two zeros. No space character is set. However, this abbreviation should only be used if it is absolutely necessary for reasons of space.

What does the dash look like?

The dash (en-dash, “long dash”) is longer than the hyphen: its length is about the width of the small n, or an em. It is inserted with a key combination: WIN: Alt + 0150.

What are hyphens?

IPA: [ˈtʀɛnʊŋsˌʃtʀɪç], plural: [ˈtʀɛnʊŋsˌʃtʀɪçə] Word meaning/definition: 1) Linguistics: Word character that has the form of a hyphen and is used to separate a part of a word that no longer fits on one line and move it to the following line.

What are polysyllabic words?

Polysyllabic words are usually separated by speech syllables. A single vowel at the beginning or end of the word cannot be separated. 2. The consonant combinations “ch”, “ck”, “sh”, “ph”, “rh”, “sh” are not separated if they stand for a single sound.

What does Divis mean?

The divis is a punctuation mark; orthographic punctuation mark; typographical term for a short horizontal em dash. Also known as a “hyphen”, “hyphen”, or “quarter en dash”.

Which words cannot be separated?

Combinations of letters such as “ch”, “sch”, “ck” are never separated. They always stay together. Examples of letter combinations are “kra-chen”, “ba-cken” and “fisch-en”. Even words with “eu”, “ei”, “ai”, “äu” are not separated.

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