Where does a mid-job have to be registered?

Where does a mid-job have to be registered?

Registration mid-job: The registration of a mid-job is a little more time-consuming than for a mini-job, in which the registration process is completely controlled by the mini-job center. The employer must register the mid-job with all social insurance companies and settle it with the relevant social insurance carriers.

How many prints at Midijob?

For mid-jobs, i.e. for jobs with wages in the sliding zone (officially transition area) of 450.01 to 1,300 euros, the social security contributions are otherwise reduced by around 20 percent.

How is the mid-job taxed?

If the mid-job is your first job, you can use your “normal” tax bracket for your tax return. With tax class III (3), your mid-job is even tax-free. However, if you have tax class V (5) or VI (6), you always have to pay wage tax even for a mid-job.

What should you watch out for with midijob?

In general, the following applies: Even with a mid-job, the number of hours must not exceed eight hours a day. Since a mid-jobber can earn a maximum of 1,300 euros per month, this also affects the number of working hours. The statutory minimum wage corresponds to 9.50 euros (as of January 2021) gross per hour.

How does a mid-job affect the pension?

So far, one speaks of a midi job when an employee earns between 450 and 850 euros per month. There is then compulsory insurance in the pension insurance. However, you only pay a reduced contribution to the pension insurance. As a result, they have so far only acquired a lower pension entitlement.

Which is better mid-job or part-time?

Part-time from 450.01 euros, the so-called mid-job, is often better. Many married women want or have to earn money in addition to having children, families, caring for relatives and the household. A ten to twelve hour job per week should also be feasible alongside the other tasks.

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