Where does it say personally in the address?

Where does it say personally in the address?

To the recipient “personally” If the recipient’s name comes after the company name, in principle everyone in the company is authorized to open the letter. However, if the recipient’s name comes before the company name, then the letter may only be opened by this person.

How do I have to pack my package?

Weight: Heavy objects should be placed in the lower area of ​​the package, lighter ones on the top. Distribution: Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed within the shipping carton. Pack your goods as compactly as possible so that the padded goods do not slide around in the package.

How does a parcel have to be packed at DHL?

Here you will find an overview of the most important packaging tips The all-round edge height must also be at least 1 cm (analogous to the package). Make sure that the basic shape is rectangular with the minimum dimensions 15 × 11 × 1 cm. Glue the closure flap tightly and folded down.

How do I have to pack bulky goods?

In order to properly pack bulky goods, the following shipping material is required: sturdy cardboard packaging, bubble wrap, edge protection, packaging tape and a small knife. Sensitive areas are first provided with edge protectors.

Which box do you have to use when you want to send a package?

you can use any cardboard box that is stable. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a schukebox or whether there was pasta in it before. the only thing to consider is the barcode. When shipping, the parcels are given stickers with a barcode on them.

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