Where does the sender go DIN A4 with window? Where does the sender go DIN A4 with window?

Where does the sender get A4 with a window?

Letters with a window are labeled as follows: You can write the sender on the letterhead in the upper left corner so that after folding in the window you can see it in the lower left corner of the envelope. You label large letters in A4 format just like smaller envelopes in landscape format.

What will an A4 letter cost in 2021?

Postage for letters and postcards in Germany

product Price in € * Weight
Default*** € 0.80 print stamp **** up to 20 g
Compact € 0.95 print stamp **** up to 50 g
Large 1,55 € print stamp **** up to 500 g
Maxi 2.70 € print stamp **** up to 1,000 g

What is not allowed in a large letter?

90 cm, but neither side can be longer than 60 cm. For example, items can also be sent internationally cheaply as a letter in shoe boxes … The weight levels are the same for shipping in Germany and abroad:

Up to 20 g Standard letter
Up to 50 g Compact letter
Up to 500 g Large letter
Up to 1,000 g Maxi letter

What can you put in with a large letter?

What can the large letter do?

  • You can send up to 95 A4 sheets in a large letter.
  • Companies use large letters to send advertising brochures or catalogs to consumers.
  • With this shipping method you can send papers up to a total weight of 500g at a reasonable price for 1.55 euros.

Send goods in maxi letter?

E-book readers, gloves or glasses – all of this can be conveniently sent with the maxi letter from Deutsche Post. As long as it only weighs up to one kilogram. Upon request, with insurance and shipment tracking for higher value goods.

Send goods in a letter?

Private customers are only allowed to send documents in international letters. Goods must be sent by parcel or parcel. Envelopes containing goods cannot be processed in automatic sorting systems.

How expensive is an insured maxi letter?

costs EUR 1.45 postage, the National Maxi Letter (up to 5 cm high, weighs 1 kg) costs EUR 2.40 postage. Plus EUR 2.05 registration fee – is then registered and “insured” up to approx. EUR 25. If the item is more valuable, send it as a value letter or.

What does insured mail cost?

Registered mail is insured for up to € 25, for registered mail it is € 20, the price is 1) € 2.95 at 2) € 2.50. If that is not enough, you can send it by express, the insurance is € 500 and the price up to 50g weight is € 9.90.

Can I send a letter insured?

Deutsche Post is liable for up to € 500 for parcels. Letters can be insured as insured letters. Registered mail is insured up to € 25. In the case of parcels, this can be up to 500 euros.

When is a letter insured?

According to the terms and conditions, Deutsche Post is only liable for loss or damage if additional services have been paid for for shipments. In the case of letters, for example, this is a registered mail.

How can I send a letter safely?

Registered mail offers more security. It costs 2.05 euros and is handed over by the deliverer against a receipt. The sender receives a receipt. If he has chosen registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt for a further 1.80 euros, he will receive the original receipt.

Can you send money with DHL?

With us you can send valuables or valuables up to an amount of 25,000 EUR. Values ​​higher than EUR 25,000 per parcel or express shipment are generally not permitted.

What is the safest way to send money?

Send money particularly securely with registered mail. In the event of loss, Deutsche Post is liable for cash up to a maximum of € 100.

Is money insured in the DHL package?

Domestic German parcels are insured up to 500 euros as standard with DHL. Sending cash in DHL parcels is permitted within Germany in accordance with DHL terms and conditions.

What cannot be sent with DHL?

Unique items and other valuables, check cards, credit cards, valid postage stamps, valid phone cards or other means of payment or securities, for which no blockings or notification and replacement procedures can be carried out in the event of damage, with a total value of more than EUR 500.

What am I not allowed to send?

Shipping restrictions: which items are not allowed to be sent?

  • Alcohol. Packing alcohol.
  • Tobacco, cigarettes and cigars. Pack cigarettes.
  • Lithium batteries. Pack electrical appliances.
  • Perishable goods. Packing food.
  • Fragile items. Pack fragile items.

What can not be sent in the package?

Prohibited articles are goods that cannot be sent via Packlink for transport and security reasons.

  • Alcohol. All alcoholic beverages, regardless of the percentage.
  • Flammable liquids.
  • Pressurized gas container.
  • Corrosion-resistant material.
  • Works of art.
  • Jewellery.
  • Antiques.
  • Money.

Can I send medication by post?

Sending narcotics by post is forbidden without exception by the Universal Postal Treaty or the Agreement of the Universal Postal Union.

Can I send medication with DHL?

The solution for the professional shipping of medical content and biological substances Category B (UN 3373) offers the fastest possible delivery of your shipment in the DHL Express network.

How can I send medicines to Russia?

Medicines and preparations fortified with vitamins are allowed with a permit from the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation; this does not apply to drugs approved by the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation.

How do I get my medication abroad?

If you need medication during your vacation, the doctor will write you a prescription. Present this to the pharmacy along with your European Health Insurance Card.

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