Where does the sender of a cover letter come from?

Where does the sender of a cover letter come from?

Correctly address the envelope This is how your mail arrives quickly. Label the front of the envelope only. The sender’s address is shown on the top left. Specify the recipient’s address on the bottom right. Place postage stamps or another type of franking in the top right corner. Additional entries …

Can you find out where a letter was posted?

The individual mailboxes cannot be traced back. You can determine in which processing center the letter will be canceled but not where it was posted. The stamp is only printed in certain postal districts, but no one can see where it is posted.

What is a mail center?

A letter center (BZ) is a distribution center for letters set up by a postal service provider. It mainly serves to rationalize mail delivery. In letter centers mainly letters and postcards from the mail run are sorted. Parcels and packages, on the other hand, are sorted in freight centers.

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