Where from and where to?

Where from and where to?

The Different German Prepositions for Woher, Wo and WohinWoher? When we come from a place, we use from or. The difference between these two prepositions is the following: We use out when we come from inside a place, this includes countries and cities (because you have been inside them). To where? When we say where we go (to), we also have 2 main prepositions: nach and zu.

Where is dating from?

When asked where is the dative. When asked where is the accusative. Note: The rule where = dative and where = accusative only applies to alternate prepositions (!), But not to prepositions with a fixed case.

Where did it fall from?

The prepositions “from” and “from” express that you are coming from a certain direction. So you answer the question: “Where from? “. Both prepositions ALWAYS use the dative!

Where is accusative or dative from?

What you should know about local prepositions.Preposition withWhere to? Wherefrom? Accusative to, through, along, against, aroundDative to, too out, from genitive alternating prepositions to, on, behind, in, next to, over, under, in front of, between

Where question accusative?

The accusative is a grammatical case (Latin case), in traditional German grammar it is classified as the 4th case. In German, the question Who or what? Serves as a test to prove an accusative object. (Example: I give the man back his hat.

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