Where is a resume signed?

Where is a resume signed?

Put your signature at the bottom of your résumé, after specifying the place and current date. In the application letter, the signature should be followed by the phrase “Kind regards” and before the names of the attachments, if any.

What date is on the resume?

The date should be the same as the day it was sent and should be uniform on the cover letter and CV. It makes sense to state the date with the place and your signature on the curriculum vitae, in the following order: place, date, signature.

How do you write the date when applying?

The current date must not be missing in the cover letter. It is customary to set the date right-justified, approximately at the height between the recipient’s address and the subject. But there is no uniform specification here. You can also set the date to the top right or left-justified.

Where does the application date go?

The date is right-justified on the application, one line below the address.

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