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Where is good wine grown?

The best wine regions are known to be characterized by their magical locations and wonderful landscapes. A trip through these regions would not only enrich the life of wine connoisseurs. We will mention just a few of these world famous places: Napa in the USA, Marlborough in New Zealand, Barossa Valley in Australia and Mendoza in Argentina. Today we would like to introduce you to 10 exquisite but lesser-known wine regions. Scroll down and get inspired:

Kakheti, Georgia, Greater Caucasus

Most of the wine-growing regions are located in beautiful locations-Kakheti, Georgia is an example-grapevines winery wine-growing region winemaking

Most of the wine-growing regions are in wonderful locations

In this area, wine is made from 500 grape varieties. The wine-growing region looks back on an old tradition in grapevine breeding that is over 8,000 years old. This area in Asia is considered to be the place of origin of viticulture. The Kakheti region is not far from the capital Tbilisi and provides around 60% of Georgia’s wine production. The wine-growing region is also very much in demand and visited by wine connoisseurs and tourists from all over the world.
Most of the fermentation takes place in clay vessels, called kvevri. The Kakheti wine types are probably not the best known, but it is still worth a visit there. In this distant land you can enjoy high quality wines and stunning landscapes.

Ningxia, China

The wine-growing areas in northwest China are expected to increase considerably by 2020 - grapevines winery, wine-growing region, wine-making

The wine-growing areas in northwest China are expected to increase considerably by 2020

Wine production in China? You read that right. China is now considered the 5th largest wine country in the world. The Ningxia area extends over 300 km2 and is already known as the “Chinese Napa Valley”. By 2020, the wine growing sector is expected to be expanded several times.
Millions of bottles of wine are produced from the finest grapes in Ningxia. The region is located near the Gobi Desert, about 800 km west of Beijing. To this day there are over 50 wineries. The best-known varieties produced are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Merlot.
The northwest region of China is definitely worth a visit.

Niagara Peninsula, Canada

In addition to tourism, winemaking on the Niagara Peninsula Vineyards also benefits from wine-making worldwide

In addition to tourism, wine production on the Niagara also benefits

Enjoy the great view of the Niagara Waterfall with a glass of wine in hand? That is possible. The southern regions of Ontario could be compared to Bordeaux in France.
The moderate temperatures and the mineral-rich soil help the production of not only Canadian wine, but also Chardonnay, Cabernet franc and Pinot Noir. Winemaking has doubled in the last decade, in part because of the heavy flow of tourists.

Northern part of Virginia, USA

Wine tours are a wonderful way to discover the world-grapevines winery wine-growing region winemaking

Wine tours are a wonderful way to discover the world

This historical region lies at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and has modern technology in winemaking. Due to the opening of new wineries, more and more visitors have been drawn here in recent years. White wine connoisseurs should definitely try the Viognier variety.

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania produces excellent white varietals-grapevines winery wine-growing region winemaking

Tasmania produces excellent white wine varieties

The island processed 25% of its table grapes into wine last year. Excellent varieties of sparkling wine are also produced here. White wine varieties such as Riesling and Chardonnay produced in Tasmania enjoy a good reputation worldwide. Most of the wineries are located near the capital, Hobart. In this way, they have already proven themselves to be tourist attractions.

Tarija, Bolivia

Viticulture in the most beautiful parts of Bolivia-grapevines winery wine-growing region wine production

Viticulture in the most beautiful parts of Bolivia

In Bolivia, wine is mainly produced on the border regions with Argentina. At an altitude of 1,800 m above sea level, Tarija is transformed into an unusual wine-growing region.
The winemaking tradition here goes back to the 16th century. Nevertheless, the Bolivians had to wait a long time for fully deserved recognition. It was actually the famous chef Claus Meyer who first noticed and then popularized the characteristics of Bolivia in wine production.

Baja California, Mexico

The Guadalupe Valley is a popular destination in Mexico Wine Tours Winery Wine Country Wine Making Worldwide Mexico

The Guadalupe Valley is a popular travel destination in Mexico

The Guadalupe Valley currently has more than 50 wineries. Some of the most famous red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Nebbiolo are grown here.
The area is becoming increasingly popular and is a popular travel destination for both Mexicans and Americans with trendy restaurants and stylish hotels. Many surprises and a great atmosphere await you here too!

Dalmatian islands, Croatia

Beautiful Croatia is one of the oldest winemakers-grapevines winery, wine-growing region, wine-making

Beautiful Croatia is one of the oldest wine producers

In recent years Croatia has become one of the most popular European travel destinations for millions of tourists. The growing number of visitors led to a strong interest in Croatian wine.
Croatia has a millennial history of winemaking. Many of the specific grape varieties are never exported across borders. If you want to try exquisite varieties such as Posip, debit or Plavač Mali, you’ve come to the right place.

Serra Gaúcha, Brazil

Brazilian wine is produced in Serra Gaúcha

The best Brazilian wine is produced in Serra Gaúcha

People tend to associate this country with drinks like cachaça or the sweet caipirinha. In Brazil, the center of wine production is in Serra Gaúcha, where 90% of the high quality Brazilian wine is produced.
The protected region of Vale dos Vinhedos has become synonymous with quality wine – especially popular sparkling wine.
Muscat wine is the most reliable choice, although the Merlot is actually always in the spotlight. It goes particularly well with the local cuisine.

Texas Hill Country, USA

Dry climate and red winemaking in hot Texas grapevines Wine Travel Wine Country Winemaking

Dry climate and red winemaking in hot Texas

The dry climate in Texas, USA favors the development of the second largest American wine region. High summer temperatures actually make the climate very suitable for growing French or Spanish types of wine. The red variety Tempranillo is grown here most of all.

Hopefully you have done some research and been inspired to visit at least one of these beautiful places! For the benefit!

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