Where is the cover sheet in the application?

Where is the cover sheet in the application?

If you still decide in favor of the three-part application folder, all documents must be placed in the folder. On the far left is the cover sheet, in the middle is the cover letter and on the right is the CV and behind it the attachments.

How do you make a cover sheet?

Create cover sheet in WordOpens the Word document in which the cover sheet is to be inserted. Click on the “Insert” tab. In the “Pages” area, click on the “Cover sheet” button. Select one of the templates displayed. Word creates the cover sheet as page 1.

How do I create a cover page in Word?

Open the Word document you want and switch to the “Insert” tab at the top. Select the “Cover Sheet” category at the top left and choose a variant you want. You now have the option of adding your own name, text and other details.

What is the cover sheet?

the first page of a loose-leaf collection in a loose-leaf binder or folder. the front page of a newspaper or magazine. the top sheet of an application folder. an alternative name for the flyleaf, see flyleaf (book production), or for a thin book cover.

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